VENEZUELA Prophetic Flag

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A nation on the northern coast of South American bordering Columbia. It is one of the top seven nations for high biodiversity . It got its name from the founder who was reminded of Venice because the houses he saw were on stilts, means little Venice.

Today in the news it is a nation in chaos suffering riots , extreme poverty & hunger, unemployment due to its Presidents populist socialist agenda since the 80s and the current President Nicolas Maduro.

Anthem- Glory to the brave people
Brave means willing to face hardship, endure pain, showing courage, lionhearted, fearless, gallant,
Religion= Roman Catholic 71%, Protestant 17%, athiest 9%


Free to Prosper. Home of the Brave.
“Be bold, be strong, because the Lord thy God is with thee..”

Saw a house to represent people, generations, church. There was fire above and water beneath--both double symbols for Holy Spirit. Coming in His fire of refining and revival, coming in His river of cleansing & refreshing. But also a double innuendo of how they will have to Brave the firestorms and the floods to gain freedom.