Mexico Prophetic Flag

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Mexico has places that are known worldwide as idyllic places to vacation. But is also known for its bad water, sickness, filth, poverty, and Catholicism religion. Its national anthem is all about being a warlike nation that raises up warriors who are bloodthirsty and vicious.
This flag is a prophetic decree for this nation to arise to its idyllic image. Mexico is written in red for the Blood of Jesus. The sky’s are blue and cloud free and the land portrayed as rich and abundant. There are 7 mountains in the background for the seven mountains of society {Religion, Families, Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Business) to come under the rule of Jesus.
The dove of the Holy Spirit is coming down releasing a river of prosperity and joy from the cupped hands of Jesus that are open to Mexico. Also, the Mexico flag has a war eagle on it and so this Dove is to replace that image of war. The hands of Jesus are a decree that it is through his piercing that true freedom comes and not through works. Mexico is known for its religious excess in Catholic penance rituals and this flag is a cry for liberty and fullness of the Holy Spirit.
The river flows into a Crown shape to represent King Jesus but also that we are heirs to all He has, it then flows into dancing happy worshipping children and then into a cornucopia, “horn of plenty”. This horn is releasing and overflowing with the prophetic cry of prosperity, joy, peace, health and life.