URUGUAY Prophetic Flag

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Nation in South America at the southern tip of Brazil.
Official name “Oriental Republic of Uruguay” for the Eastern province
Flag has sun of May on it-- they claim as sign of independence during battle when sun broke through the clouds but is old Inca god emblem. 4 blue stripes 5 white for government sun in left corner
Motto- Freedom or death
Ranked FIRST in latin America for Democracy, peace, lack of corruption, e-government. First in South America for press freedom, prosperity and abundance of middle class. Contributes more soldiers per capita to the UN than an ANY other country (A LATIN AMERICAN SAFE HAVEN)
Primarily white. European Spain/Italy

45% Catholic. Considered the most secular SA nation.

Heard in my spirit- this is the only way- PRESS- PERSEVERE(endure)
YOUR way
PS 111:10-- the fear of the Lord is wisdom...and His praise endures forever

As I sought the Lord the sun on their flag kept prominence in my thoughts and how they have tried to convert it from an Inca god to a symbol of deliverance and freedom. Then I looked upon their motto-- Freedom or death. And then I saw how they are peace keepers and known as a “safe haven” It all blended to decree that there is no peace , no freedom, no haven without the true sun/SON-- Jesus. I saw this weeping beaten up tree, with a sunrise behind it. Tree are known as shelters, as men and representative of the cross of Christ. And so, the Cross of Christ has withstood and persevered despite its neglect and the True Son will rise over this land.

Isaiah 60