MONTSERRAT Prophetic Flag

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An island in the Caribbean of the lesser Antilles, it is a British Overseas Territory. Its nicknamed the “emerald isle of the Caribbean” because of its physical resemblance to Ireland and for its Irish ancestry of many of its inhabitants that were brought here as indentured servants.

In 1995, the previously dormant volcano in the southern part of the island became active. Eruptions destroyed the capital city of Plymouth. By 2000, two thirds of the island population was forced to flee leaving just a few hundred residents, as of 2016 there were about 5k. The volcanic activity has continued and thus over half of the island is “exclusion zone” that tourist and residents cannot enter. Plymouth is considered a modern day Pompeii.

Motto- A people of excellence, moulded by nature, nurtured by God.
Coat of Arms has a cross on it and Ireland iconography- the goddess erui.

Religion- Anglican 22%, Methodist 17%, Pentecostal 14%, Roman Catholic 11%


Ireland itself is a divided nation, the northern end part of the United Kingdom and the southern end independent. How odd that this Montserrat is divided north/south! Its almost a mirror as it was the southern end of Ireland that withdrew from the UK. The prophetic flag I made for Ireland called them Jehovah’s jewel and was all green. I see the same verse, but the jewel with fire behind it.