Yahweh Prophetic Worship Flag

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One of God’s most Holy names is YHWH {Yahweh is the closest pronunciation} This flag is a prophetic call to Worship the Most High God and exalt His Holy Name.

The imagery: I had a vision during worship and saw Yahweh coming to the earth as a shooting meteor through Israel, thus the Israeli star. The coma and tail is rainbow colored to remind us of God’s covenant promises to His chosen; which is us who have accepted His Son Jesus and Israel. Astronomers know that you can only see the dust tail when the comet is close to the sun(Son) so its a call to Jews to draw near to Jesus.

The background is fire gold, symbolic of Gods glory presence and it is filled with innumerable stars-- again His covenant promise to Abraham.

The Large size flag has 7 stars, a prophetic number for completeness: “It is done.”

The Medium size flag has 5 stars, a prophetic number for Grace