Abba Prophetic Worship Flag

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Interpretation Abba Prophetic Worship Flag

i had hands laid upon me to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost at a meeting in 1994. I fell out in the Glory realm with waves of great joy overcoming me, but I didn't speak in other tongues. The next morning I was worshiping and thanking God for the Joy that still lingered.  I began to call upon His name and when I got to Abba, my tongue began to stutter over Ab-Ab-Ab and as a newborn babe I babbled in this new language a long time before I actually was able to say Abba. I thought it a gift from God in so many ways because I had been abandoned by my earthly father and now  one of the greatest gifts I have ever received came as cried out to my Daddy God.

All these things were in my Spirit as I created this flag. The Colors are pastel pinks and blues in ever expanding hearts. The dye technique to get the unusual pattern is by using salt-- a sign of His unending covenant with us. 

I believe this flag will bring healing to the abandoned and also usher in the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues,