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An island nation of nearly 1200 islands & islets, located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean and is considered part of the Micronesia island group. They are a presidential republic in free association with the United States-- the US provides defense, subsidies and access to US based agencies to such as USPS. The islands got their name from John Marshall who visited them in the 1700s, but historically the inhabitants call them “Gifts from God”.

They have few natural resources so are mostly a “service economy” , some fishing & agriculture but aid from the USA (63 + million a year) and Taiwan represents a large percentage of their gross domestic product. This compensation is due in part because of their help in WW2, but also because the islands were used for nuclear testing. Generations have been affected from these tests of 70 years ago. Recent studies have linked radiation to diabetes & blood sugar problems.

Since the War the population came to depend on imported low income food which is high sugar, fat, and empty carbs. Type 2 diabetes is among the highest in the world. About 75% of women & 50% of men are overweight or obese and over 50% of surgeries are amputations due to complications of diabetes.

Religion- United Church of Christ in the Marshall Islands (UCCCMI) )Protestant) 55%, Assemblies of God 25%, other Christian 22%


What was their destiny before the interference of the world? This land known as Gifts from God? Something about ROOTS.
Pro 12:12 The wicked covets the loot of evil men, but the root of the righteous flourishes.
Seeing a tree with big roots, and presents as fruit with life, hope, ect