FRANCE Prophetic Flag

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France has a long history of defending freedom and liberty for itself and its allies. During the “dark ages” it was a primary defender of the Word of God against the Islamic forces as they invaded western Europe. Some even credit France with preserving our modern day scriptures.

France became an ally with the fledgling American Colonies when they declared their independence from England and it is very probable that without their aid, the United States of America would not have been formed in 1776. France continued their alliance with America and when America abolished slavery in 1865 they wanted to commemorate that event and our upcoming centennial. One of our nations national icons, The Statue of Liberty, was created in France and given as a gift to the U.S.

France’s motto is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” and one of their national icons is the Gallic Rooster, taken from a play on the word “coq gaulis” given to them during the Roman conquest. We’ve all heard of the “cocky French”!


The Word of the Lord to France is Mark 13:35- “watch therefore, for you know not when the Lord Jesus may return, possibly any day or at any hour, perhaps even at the time the cock crows.”

Central to the flag is a rooster crowing and streaming like wing feathers is Frances’ motto, for it is a good Word for this nation, may France always be known as a nation that fights for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as they defend the Word of God, exalt Jesus Christ and prepare for His return.

In the roosters grasp is a celtic cross topped with the fleur-de-lis which is a stylized lily used in Frances coat of arms, and Jesus is known as the Lily of the Valley.