Bolivia Prophetic Flag

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A landlocked nation of in western-central South America, bordering Brazil. Its official name is “Plurinational State of Bolivia”, to recognize the multi ethnic nature of the country. they have 37 recognized national languages.. While geographically one of the largest South American nations, economically & militarily it is little.

Population less than 12 million with about 53% in poverty. They hit hard economic times when the price of tin fell in the 80’s and are still recovering. They have the second largest natural gas reserves in SA. Recently discovered lithium deposit possibly equal to 50-70% of the worlds reserves, but to mine it could mean ecological disaster to their salt flats & tourism there. Lithium is a light metal used for modern day batteries and also to treat bipolar mental disorders. The metal powder is white/gray but when put into water it bursts into red flames.

Religion- Freedom of Religion= Roman Catholic 78%, Protestant 19%,
But much of the indigenous population has inculturation or syncretism with Christianity. The cult of “Mother Earth is notable, and veneration of several catholic saint Virgins, plus other false gods.


Saw a vision of a knife edge with Glory light above and darkness beneath. A nation of a knife edge of decision. Choose life or death.