FINLAND Prophetic Flag

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Finland is a nation in Northern Europe, next to Sweden, and was part of Sweden at one time. Before being conquered by Russia whom they gained liberty from in 1916. In present day time, 2016, Russia is disputing that freedom in covert ways mainly through media propaganda.

To celebrate their one hundred years, they have asked for a mountain top from Norway. The bulk of this mountain, Mount Halti, is in Finland, yet its highest peak is in Norway and so they have asked Norway to move its border over about 20 meters- less than 700 feet so they may claim this for Finland’s highest peak.

Finland flag is a blue cross stretching horizontally across a field of white. Nationally, 75% of the population claims Evangelical Lutheran Christianity,even if only nominally.



Caleb of biblical history cried out to Joshua when they had taken the promised land to be given a mountain in Judah as his inheritance from the Lord. At the age of 85, Caleb defeated the giants of Anikim and settled his mountain.

As I read of Finland’s desire for this mountian top, Mount Haltia, I discovered the very name implies FREEDOM & INDEPENDANCE in the Nordic language or perhaps “fairy” a form “spirit” . In English it implies be halted or lame. So I saw this desire for this mountain as a cry of this nation not to be halted or lamed by Russia but to have FULL Freedom and Liberty.

The image is of a mountain created with the words of Haltia, Freedom & Liberty.