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Interpretation of Ephphatha Prophetic Flag

Ephphatha Song: https://youtu.be/X819nmyz8Cc

This flag was given to me in a prophetic dream. In the dream I was at church and describing a prophetic vision I had during the worship service, it was of a flag and the Lord told me to make it.

The vision (in the dream) was of an open door with the breath of God prophetically blowing through it and it had the word Ephphatha in the wind. Since this was given to me in such a dramatic way, a vision within a dream, I believe this is a Power Flag from the Lord to prophetically “Break Open” heaven as we worship and send miracles into our midst by Holy Spirits presence.

The word Ephphatha itself means open doors, gates or entrances to be opened wide. It means to plow, break forth, draw out, let go free, ungird.

Jesus spoke it when He put his fingers in the mans ears and spit upon the “string” of his tongue. The man was healed and spoke well, so this is a decree for the prophetic to be released.

Also, I believe this flag opens the way for healing miracles, Forgiveness & reconciliation to come forth.

Ephphatha is an Armenian word. Armenian is spoken in the middle east, in Iraq & Iran. I believe this is a flag to propheticly call the Muslim to salvation in Jesus Christ.

The colors are blue to signify the breath of Holy Spirit or the river of Holy Spirit. And the yellow is to signify the Glory of God mixerd in with the reds for passion and given a firey color agian to symbolize the presence of God which is like a fire