EL SALVADOR Prophetic Flag

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The name means Republic of the Savior.
The tiniest and most densely populated nation on the Central American isthmus its one of the few nations without a border on the Caribbean but only on the Pacific Ocean .
Coffee and Indigo largest exports.
Its a poor nation with much crime, violence and inequality , many immigrants fleeing to find a better life. My neighbor Jose and his family- a delight, hard working, family oriented immigrated from there.

Motto- God, Unity, Liberty/Freedom
Flag- horizontal Triband blue/white/blue with Coat of Arms central in white band.
Coat- very symbolic & much detail-- they are an artistic nation with colorful murals on many of their buildings

Roman Catholic Church (57%)very influential in all areas of life-- even leading in rebellions and wars. Protestants (22%)

In the news (11/16) they have arrested their ex-President for graft. There is a travel warning for the Zica virus. Gangs beginning to look like wars.


Joh 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me..

There is a ministry of hand painted wooden crafts, especially crosses, from La Palma, El Salvador that brings much finances into that town and nation,.Lifting up Jesus will bring true freedom & prosperity.