Georgia (nation) Prophetic Flag

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A nation in the Caucasus region of Eurasia at the crossroads of Western Asia & Eastern Europe. It gained independence from Russia in 1991 but has been in almost continual internal strife/wars since. Much emigration, and also immigration.

Flag is divided into four by a large red cross and in each corner is another red cross-- known as the 5 cross flag.

Motto- strength is unity, anthem- freedom

Religion - freedom of religion, 84% Orthodox Christian (National Georgia Orthodox Church, one of the oldest Christian church’s founded by the apostle Andrew ), 11% Islam, 3% Armenian Apostolic


Andrew is always described as Peters brother, but it was Andrew who told Peter about Jesus and they were the first two called. “ Come & See” it was Andrew who told Jesus of the 5 loaves & fishes.

A nation that declares & wants “every corner” covered by the Blood of the Cross. 5 is number for grace.

Heard “Friend of God” and was seeing hands shaking but not, then realized I needed to look at ASL!