UKRAINE Prophetic Flag

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Ukraine is in eastern Europe bordering Russia. It gained its freedom from Russia in 1991 and has struggled since. Four years ago, its President rejected the EU and was forming an alliance with Russia which started an uprising which got rid of him. But conflict began when Russia claimed territory of Crimea which has always belonged to Ukraine.; and conflict has erupted between the nationalists and Russian backed separatist. Most surveyed said they felt the nation was in chaos/ decline.

The Ukraine has always been a “bread basket” for the world because of its extensive fertile farmlands and is one of the worlds largest grain exporters.

It is said that the tradition on painted eggs, (pysnaka- meaning to write) Easter eggs, in The Ukraine predate Christianity. But in America the tradition comes through German immigrants.

Religion- Orthodox- 65%, other Christianity- 10%, athiest/unbelievers 16%


Bread & eggs poured out of a broken basket.
Reweave the breach