LITHUANIA Prophetic Flag

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A nation of north Europe it is on the Baltic Sea across from Sweden and next to Poland. They were the first nation to claim independence from Russia in 1991 and are a Democratic nation.

Lithuania has seen a dramatic increase in suicides in post Soviet years-- but the increase is unclear because Russia did not track suicide because it would ruin the lie of a happy socialist society. At one time they were number one for suicides are now the fourth in the world. They also have the highest murder rate in the EU. Unemployment is about 20%. Nearly 70% of women say they have suffered domestic violence.

During Ww2, they were occupied by Germany and responsible for over 70k Jews being put to death. Others fled the country and the Jewish population has never regrown.

RELIGION- Roman Catholic- 77%, Orthodox- 6%, atheist- 12%

Heard ringing in my Spirit “Generational curse of death that can only be broken through Repentance” . In Deliverance, we lead people to Repent, Renounce, Resist, Rebuke.

Saw a swirling dark cloud, the swirl to represent time or generations, the dark as death and skull shape within it.