ECUADOR Prophetic Flag

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Ecuador is a nation whose northern area straddle the equator on South Americans western coast and includes the Galapagos islands-- land of Darwin’s research. A nation located on the ring of fire and has many earthquakes and ecosystems.
Primarily populated by Mestizo (Hispanic & Amerindian mix)

They have free health care and rank 20th in world health. Yet most of the hospitals are in poor condition and not properly equipped the majority of the population cannot afford to travel to a good hospital in a major city nor pay for a private care one. Nearly a quarter of children under five are malnourished and many areas do not have potable water.

They are advancing rapidly in science & technology and have become a nation that USA citizens love to move to because of cheap real estate and low taxes and decriminalization of drug use. It is considered by the USA to be a hub of drug trafficking to the US and has a high percentage of sex slave trafficking.

It is the first nation in the world to recognize legally enforceable “Rights of Nature” or ecosystem rights. It is one of 17 mega-diverse nations-- a country that harbors a majority of earths species and high number of endemic species.

Motto- God, homeland & freedom
Religion- Roman Catholic-74% ( often blended with indigenous beliefs) protestant- 10%, atheist- 8%

They got their priority’s wrong. Got Jesus but blended with witchcraft/Aztec beliefs, perhaps have fallen prey to Darwinism beliefs since they have such a high % of atheist, sounds like maybe they care more for the environment than poor. AWAKE TO THE TRUTH! LET THE BLINDERS BE REMOVED!

Gen_1:21 And God created every living creature that moveth upon the land, the waters and the sky and gave mankind dominion over it all.

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