Greece Prophetic Flag

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Greece is called the “Cradle of Western Civilization” because it is the nation that has influenced most of the western world with its culture.

Because of its expansion during the Greek Empire period the Greek language became universal. The New Testament was written in Greek and so Greece is inadvertently responsible for the spread of the Gospel to the world.

Greece’s flag is blue and white with a large white cross because Catholicism has great governmental influence in Greece.


Central image on the flag is of a swirling spiraling whirlwind in rainbow colors to represent time and history. To Noah, God placed his rainbow as a symbol of His covenant and promise to generations to come in the process of time as long as the earth exists.

At the head of the spiral is a cradle with “western civilization” on it and followed by a scroll to represent the New Testament or Covenant Word of God and then a plain wooden Cross to represent Jesus Christ and to decree the pure Gospel going out.

The background is of blues to come into the synergy of the national flag and also to represent the moving of Holy Spirit.

At the bottom is Zechariah 9:12- “Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope”. I believe this is a Word for Catholics who have gotten entangled with law and works rather than a relationship to Jesus and is a cry of the Lord to them to come to Him and be set free.

As of this writing, the Pope Francis is leading millions astray by declaring lying, confusing, ungodly doctrine. He has declared that Islam and Christianity serve the same God, that homosexuality should be accepted, that marriage is a sham and that Christians should not seek an intimate relationship with Jesus but just obey the church.