Holy Open Glory Portals

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Often as I worship with the flags, I find myself moving in circular spiral movements. One day I saw in the Spirit realm, a tornado forming, it was huge and massive---Filled with the Glory fire of God and shredded in His royal purple mantle.

I saw angels flying from and to it. I knew I was seeing a portal into the heavenly realm, one much like “Jacobs ladder” in Genesis 12,  as I watched the angelic ascend and descend as they gathered my praises and carried them to heaven and returned with the glory promises of God. There are 9 angels, to portray the fullness of all of Holy Spirits gifts.

I heard the Lord say that worship opens a portal to heaven to release the wind of the Spirit and for the very breath of God to move across the land and transform situations. That His movements were powerful, life changing, unstoppable, and uncontrollable by man (religion).