BELARUS Prophetic Flag

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A landlocked nation in Eastern Europe it borders Poland and was under Russian rule from 1917 until 1991. President Lukashenko has been president since 1994 and has earned the reputation of Europe’s last Dictatorship because of his authoritarian style, not directly espousing communism it does encourage communal control of economic means. The country is labeled “Not free” and :”repressed” and has some of the worst press freedom in Europe. They have capital punishment by law and practice at the Presidents whim.

Religion- the country has no official religion but the primary one is Eastern Orthodoxy-49’%, the Roman Catholic 8%, irreligious-42%


Religion kills. How can you believe in a good God when all you see is cold hard religion, oppression and lack.
Oh Let faith arise! Believe again! Let Hope in Jesus sprout and bloom.