Denmark Prophetic Flag

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Denmark has a long legacy of Christianity and defending the cross, they have used the same flag since 1478. It is of a Nordic white cross that has the center of the cross shifted to the hoist side, this cross splits the bright blood red background into four rectangles. Three legends claim that this flag “fell from heaven” at key battles in the history of the Danes, Denmark.

Hans Christian Andersen is a Danish writer that lived in the 1800’s and is most famous for writing children’s fairy tales that present the values of virtue and resiliency in the face of adversity. His stories transcend generations and cultures and have been translated into more than 125 languages. His story of the Ice Princess was the foundation for our modern day story of “Frozen”.

Modern day Denmark is known as the most liberal nation on earth with the city of Copenhagen as its model to the world. Here, just about anything goes. Deviant sexual lifestyles have been celebrated openly since the 1930’s, legalized in the 70’s and and homosexual marriage legalized since 2012. They also are leaders in drug legalization and even provide “safe” rooms for heroin and cocaine consumption.


Central to the flag is a large spreading tree.
1.Trees are representative of mankind and this tree represents how Denmark has influenced mankind through the ages.

2. This tree has various hand prints within to represent all ages and generations and also a play on Hans Christian Andersen’s name; .

3. The tree is colored red to resemble the Denmark flag and to come into the synergy of the ages of the founders of its Christian history and as a prophetic call for Denmark to return to its Christian heritage and influence. Red is the color for passion and the Blood of Jesus.

4. This tree has long, deep roots that surround the Globe it is sitting atop of to signify Denmark’s influence worldwide through history and modern culture, let it be for Christ again! The prophetic cry upon this flag is that Denmark has a voice to Influence the Generations -- do it for Christ.

5. The background is purple. Purple symbolizes royalty. This is first of all a call to all the heirs of salvation to come under the Cross. Purple is a blend of the colors red & blue that stand for boy and girl, so it is a call to those lost in confusion over sexual identity to come into their true identity as sons and daughters of King Jesus. Lastly, Denmark is a Kingdom, with actual royalty, so it is a call to the leadership to come to Christ.