FRENCH GUIANA Prophetic Flag

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Officially called Guiana is a French overseas region located on the North Atlantic coast of South America and was established as a slave colony and then a penal colony. It is now a free region and part of the European Union and is a space launch site-- Russia used it recently to launch a Spanish satellite.
It borders Brazil with a very low population density but one of the highest GDP per capita of South America. Being a French region, France has its army and politics there. As with much of the world today, violence is on the rise and the media says it because of its slavery & penal history.

Religion- Roman Catholic %84 , Amerindian mixed in
Name derives from Indian name for “land of waters”


Heard this is a ‘sheep” nation.
Signs in the heavenlies point the world to Jesus. Rivers of water. Freedom.

Seeing a bright star-cross shining out