NIUE ISLAND Prophetic Flag

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An island country in the South Pacific NE of New Zealand, its land area is about 100 square miles with less than 2k population. Its commonly referred to as “The Rock of Polynesia” and is actually a raise coral island, not from volcanic activity . Its name actually means “behold the coconut”. Its a self governing state in free association with New Zealand, is under NZ diplomaticly and Queen of England.

Its a democratic nation that wants to become the first Organic Nation-where all its farms are organic and everyone uses Solar power.

Flag has British Cross, Anthem- The Lord in Heaven

RELIGION= 70% Protestant, Roman Catholic 10%, !0% each Morman & Jehovah Witness


Name for God Almighty, Name for Jesus
Hebrew interpretation of “Rock”- place of refuge, hard/solid/sharp instrument, lofty fortress, stronghold.
God required sacrifices to Him be made on rock that had not been shaped by man or tool. He had Moses strike the rock to bring forth water. He hid Moses in the “cleft of the rock” as He revealed Himself. Elijah hid in a cave in the rock & heard God speak.

Let your true identity come forth. A place fitly formed for God. His acceptable place
Emerge into Destiny-- seeing a green mountain -top shrouded in mist.