GREENLAND Prophetic Flag

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Greenland is worlds largest island and is within the Danish Realm politically & culturally European although physically it is part of North America. 3/4 of the island is covered by a permanent ice sheet and has a population of less than 60k that live in marginal cities on the coast, making it the least densely populated nation on earth. Greenland was named so in the hopes that settlers would come because of its name.

Population is mostly Inuit & Scandinavian and known for its “spirit objects art”-- witchcraft & shamanism roots. Today, the 85% religion is Protestant Christianity, but mostly by the Church of Denmark which is Lutheran which is primarily because it is state ordered. They have the highest rate of suicide in the world, high unemployment, alcoholism & HIV/AIDs. Greenland is a socialist nation with very relaxed sexual behavior, yet most of the AIDS is found in heterosexual women of the Inuit alcoholics.

Its flag is the only Nordic nation/territory without the Nordic Cross, and its red half circles have no meaning, just a pleasing design they voted for.

They have no passion, no purpose or hope for a future.
Without vision the people perish.
(Darby) Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he that keepeth the law

I saw an eye looking at healing in a new way, through the cross of Christ rather than physicians. Obedience to His Word brings life.