MALTA Prophetic Flag

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An archipelago island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece used predominately as a navel base for defense security

Flag has George Cross (medal of valor) on the upper left corner and within its coat of arms and gained independence from England in 1974.

Roman Catholicism official religion 89% with about 50% faithful and 83% giving to charities.

Children and family central to culture and many traditions surround the newborn and babe. They baptize asap to ensure heaven, and at one year old play a game called “il-quccija” to determine what the childs path, fortune and interest in life will be. They place an egg (long life & children) money (rich trading) book (teacher) pencil (witer) bible or rosary (clerical or monastic) thread (fashion) wooden spoon(cook) around the baby and which ever one it shows most interest in is what they believe is the child’s path to follow.


in my Spirit “ a hope and a future” jer 29:11

This sprang forth from learning they are a defense nation and reading about the game they play to help guide their children in the way to go. I’ve used those game objects as the vision on this flag.