Ha-Elohiym Prophetic Worship Flag

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Ha Elohiym Interpretation

I dreamed I was leading a group from a barren dead wasteland and we topped a hill. As I did I looked out over a river below and across the river were rolling green hills, the “promised land”.

But at the rivers edge were a herd of buffalo and one huge bull began to charge at me and the herd followed. I had a flag in my hand, it was on a long pole like a whip. And when the buffalo began to charge, I slapped the flag at them and shouted “Ha!” they stopped charging, but took a step more. I slapped the flag at them again and they backed up a step. I looked over the promised land again and then back to them, only they had disappeared.

I led the group onward

Buffalo are symbols of extreme strong warfare and delusion.
The whip flag is used to train horses and other animals to submission.
Without vision the people perish and I was leading self and others out of a visionless place into a land of promise and plenty.
The Lord used this dream to enforce to me the critical need for flags in worship to reveal, stop and destroy the enemy. Through worship with the flags we slap the atmosphere and defeat the deception of the enemy trying to stop us from the promises of God. If we will stand our ground and worship, we will utterly defeat him and clear the way for us and those following us to enter into all that God has for us. The enemy try’s to “buffalo” us into believing he is more powerful than creator God. Elohiym means “god, God”, cultures worldwide use this word for their gods.
Ha-Elohiym means THE True GOD.