Long Telescoping Pole

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I use 9- 16" foot Telescoping fishing rods for the 2x large flags, the large and X-large also look good flying high. I have converted the poles by removing the hardware, labels and reinforcing the tip. They are 4 sections with the bottom one that they all fit into measuring 45". You can use 1, 2, 3, or 4 sections depending on your ceiling height. 

The  last section is very flexible and may not withstand vigorous flagging, there is no warranty if it breaks. You can either retape the end so it doesn’t puncture the flag or remove the section by opening the bottom cap. 

To extend the pole simply shake it out and tighten the joining with a tug on the top piece. To close the pole simply twist the top section to loosen and all sections should drop or hold the bottom section and thump the foot of the pole on the floor and all of it should collapse.

FlameFlags flags have a channel for the pole to go into and has been created to fit over the bottom section of the telescoping pole so you can store it all together. Inside the mouth of the channel is a piece of elastic that can be tightened or loosened with a safety pin to snug onto the section of the pole it is seated on.