Seminole Nation

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The Seminole were some of the first tribes to have European influence and begin to lose their cultural roots. In fact, at the time the first Europeans came, small independent tribes were scattered over Florida and it was only in the1770s is when the Florida Indians collectively became known as Seminole, a name meaning "wild people" or "runaway." In 1836, the first group of Seminole migrants arrived in present-day Oklahoma. They are one of the few First Nations to keep some of their original lands in Florida and successfully sued the US Government for reparations.

As with most First Nations, they lived on the edge of poverty and restricted choices for a better future. Until in 1979 they started a high stakes Bingo hall to attract non-tribal people to spend their money. It worked. The bingo expanded into high stake Casinos and today the Seminole Nation is the one of the richest First Nations of America.

With wealth comes a world of modern living and excesses and most younger Seminoles have forgotten their roots and are leaving their culture behind.


As I asked the Lord for His Word to this Nation, I felt very clearly it was for them not to forget the old ways. Thus the Prophetic Decree is “WALK IN THE ANCIENT PATHS”. Walk in Hebrew means to: go, wend one's way, proceed, continue , let your desire be, follow, flow, grow, be led, +++

I saw Springs bursting forth and the path winding around these “headwaters” to reinforce going back to the source of your beginnings. Prophetically, Springing Water is associated with Holy Spirit moving, Power, purity, washing, renewal.

The “Lightening” pattern is considered one of the original patterns of Seminole and traditionally uses four colors: white, black, red, yellow. This pattern is worked into the broad path winding across the flag. Branching from it are several other paths-- they are all going right, so there are several good paths to follow. Prophetically, Lightening is a symbol for Gods Power. Job 36:32 describes God as “He covers His hands with lightning, And commands it to strike” I heard this is symbolic of our intercession coming like lightening and hitting the mark.

Prophetically, Green is a color for healing, for life, for prosperity. That blends with the prophetic decree being released through the flag as it is used.

I, as the artist created paths, but upon looking at the finished result I see the Lord has created an optical illusion because the path looks like a large tree branch with smaller branches coming off it. Prophetically, trees represent men and the branches represent generations and fruitfullness. Psalm 1:3 speaking of those who serve the Yahweh “ And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” Yes, may it be so for the Seminole Nation.