SOUTH AFRICA Prophetic Flag

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South Africa is located on the extreme southern point of Africa, it is beautiful with dramatic varied landscapes, or distinct ecosystems. It is the only country that borders both the Atlantic & Indian oceans.

Motto- unity is diversity. 11 national languages and 7 other recognized. Known as the “rainbow nation”. 80% Christian mixed with ancestral practices.

Flag only on in world to have 6 colors, 3 to represent the blacks (blk, gr, yll)and 3 to represent the whites(wh. Red. Bl), The green horizontal “Y” <pall>to represent a convergence of paths.


As I sought the Lord I was moved by the diversity. This nation is like 10 rolled into one. I was seeing a kaleidoscope of creation bursting forth as in a stained glass window yet all of it coming together to form a beautiful picture. A Cross.

“One Accord”