MALI Prophetic Flag

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A landlocked nation of west Africa it reaches into the Sahara desert on the north while the southern end has two large rivers- the Niger & Senegal. The nation is shaped like an hour glass. More than 90% of the population lives in the southern part. The economy is mainly agriculture and fishing. It is the third largest producer of gold and rock salt in Africa , at one time a pound of gold was given for a pound of salt. Today, over half of the population lives in extreme poverty. It has a population of over 14 million.

Its main trading city is Timbuktu, city of popular sayings for “God only knows where or to the ends of the earth” responses. of our imagination.

They have a history of slavery from the Arabic nations and over a million are direct descendents from slaves. Although outlawed in the mid 20th century, slavery still exists and estimates are over 200,000 slaves today . There is a lot of conflict between the north & south and over Islamist trying to enforce Sharia law.

They have low literacy and educational levels. Poor health care and poverty, malnutrition and inadequate hygiene and sanitation. Only about 60% have clean water. Malis health and development indicators are some of the worst in the world. Female genital mutilation, Malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, low HIV,

Religion. They have constitutional freedom of religion but now that Sharia Law is being practiced, other religious are being persecuted
- Islam- 90%, Christianity 5%, Indigenous 5%


Sands of time running out, turn the glass over. Its time for Freedom.

My mother was always saying she was going to Timbuktu when she left the house, as a sign she wanted to be free and far away from us.