Triumph (#2) Prophetic Flag

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TRIUMPH (background 2)

As I meditated on the difference between Triumph and Victory i discovered that you can have Victory but be beat up & exhausted after the battle, but when you Triumph you win with rejoicing and dancing on the head of your enemy!

 Some general color meanings:

BLUE = Holy Spirit (breath of God), intercession, being a contender & unstoppable, its the river /flow of God, refreshing, release of the gifts of the Spirit
GOLD = The manifested Glory of God, freedom & deliverance, the favor of God, Purity, truth, righteousness, Passion of God, Power ,Joy
BROWN = repentance, death to sin, salvation, compassion
RED =The Blood, cleansing, Passion, overcomer, perseverance PINK= joy, victory, hope
ORANGE = warfare, courage, endurance, strength, power
PURPLE = royalty, ruler, noble, breakthrough, reigning power