TANZANIA Prophetic Flag

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Name means : Sail in the Wilderness
Has vast wilderness areas, the Serengeti National Park, safari park for the big 5 animals, Kilimanjaro National Park--Africa’s highest peak

Coat of arms-- golden shroud over her head African woman
Motto- FREEDOM & UNITY anthem- God bless Africa

Albinos are attacked with the belief that their bones carry supernatural power
Christianity & Islam about 30-40% each, indigenous other.
Over 100 languages spoken


Heard before research
Matthew 23:37 I’ve desired to gather you as hen gathers her chicks under her wings.

Small poultry farming is increasing and “empowering” Tanzanians finacially

Since many in this nation worship Allah, I wanted to be clear that the God to serve and run to is Yahweh, Jesus. “Gather under YAHWEH’S Wings”