Tevet Prophetic Worship Flag

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Tevet is the 10th month of the Hebrew monthly calendar that correlates to our Roman calendar from mid Dec-Jan.and is the month associated with the Tribe of Dan. The name Tevet means ten. Ten is associated with the Ten Commandments, testimony, and a number for Godly Authority. So Tevet is a time to pray for those in authority that they will be led of the Spirit of God in all their decisions and not be led astray by the deceptions of satan. Its a time to mature in our walk with God so our testimony, our life, will be powerful to overcome and deliver others.

The constellation of Capricorn is associated with Tevet. The symbol for capricorn is of a goats upper torso and fishtail on the lower body to signify its capricious nature. Jesus says at the judgment seat the goats will be separated from the sheep with the goats going into damnation. For Tevet, the goat is a reminder for us to avoid “goat” mindsets & relationships and beware of making wrong alignments with goat nations- especially nationally.

The Hebrew Letter associated with Tevet is AYIN, which portrays an eye or a well spring, so this is a time to be led by your good eye, stay focused as you war against evil, and spring forth into the new. Tevet is also a month when great mourning and fasting in Israel as Nebuchadnbezzar began his siege and the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. This is the month when the Torah was forcefully interpreted into Greek, which missed many of the layers of translation the Hebrew text contains; and so is a time of grief, holy anger and righteous indignation. Tevet is a time to get into the Word of God and dig deep for His revelations and truth. .

Tevet is associated with the tribe of Dan. Dan means “judgment, maturity, righteousness” . Dan unfortunately did not live up to his destiny and in fact led the tribe into establishing places of idolatry. Because of this, Dan is not listed in Revelations when the 144,000 are sealed from destruction. When God ordered the tribes to camp around the Tabernacle, He established “the camp of Dan” on the north and camped with him were Asher and Naphtali. These three tribes were the rear guard and some of the most creative artisans of the tribes. So this is a month to war for new artistic creative expressions of worship to come forth. God in effect sandwiched Israel between Judah in worship at the front and Dan at the rear in creativity, both instruments of the Prophetic.

The stone for Tevet is the turquoise.

The imagery on the flag: At the top left corner ( the Spiritual side) is a goat in the “no circle” to remind us to avoid bad alignments, in the center is the Judgment Scales to redeem the tribe of Dan and express righteous authority, beneath them is the Torah scroll to call forth right interpretations of the Word of God and within it is a weeping eye to remind us to stay focused on Gods ways, fast, and grieve over idolatry .