QATAR Prophetic Flag

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Qatar is little Arab nation on a peninsula off of Saudi Arabia yet it is the third largest producer of natural gas in the world and considered a “middle power” because of its influence on the world. Qatar produces Arabic TV that goes into over 130 nations.

In biblical times it was a nation known for producing Purple dye that was so rare and costly only royalty or the rich could afford it. It is believed that Qatar was settled by Ishmael and today is an Islam nation. The word qatar in Hebrew means “to burn down, sacrifice, incense smoke”.


When I first sought the Lord on Qatar I heard “little but powerful” in my spirit, believe it is going to play a major role in the end times and is a nation needing Jesus. As I sought the Lord more on what He would have declared to this nation, I heard Him speak how the “Stench of their smoke is in My nostrils and covers the earth” and He would judge this nation.

My heart cry was that the stench of their sacrifice to idols, Allah, would end and they would offer a sweet fragrance of worship to Jesus Christ. A Kings perfume to waft across the world. Jeremiah refused to quit praying for his nation to turn around and serve God and so, even though the decree on this flag is a judgment, it may be we can turn this nation through prayer.

Central image is of a globe with smoke circling, or covering it. The background is the purple they used to be famous for and part of the prophetic call for the “Heirs of King Jesus” to arise and let a sweet perfume come from this place.