Ethiopia Prophetic Flag

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A country in the “Horn of Africa’ region it is the most populous landlocked nation in the world as well as the second most in Africa.

National Symbol is a yellow upright pentagram. ( A pentagram is a five pointed star drawn with straight strokes without them joining. ) , the upright pentagram means life, revelation, good. Theirs has radiating rays of light from each corner on a blue field. To them it stands for unity of the people and nation.

It is the place of origin for the coffee bean, is one of the founding members of the UN,

Religion- Christian 63%,-- The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (44%)-- an offshoot of Coptic Orthodoxy that differs from Roman Catholism in their belief of the oneness of Christ-- that His divinity is merged with His humanity and He is one, not separate as God & man but “ONE NATURE”
Muslim 34%, traditional 3%

Phillip baptized the Ethiopian in the book of Acts.

The nation is experiencing political division over muslims wanting Sharia law being legalized .


Be ye one as we are one. Felt led to go with their image- their star and blue
In the bible, stars are representative of angels, So as I create this I am calling for the angels of God to come and war for this nation in righteousness and strength.

Release of the Host of Heaven