Tammuz Prophetic Worship Flag

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Much of the vision and understanding for this flag came from the book “ A Time to Advance” Understanding the Spiritual Significance of the Hebrew Tribes and Months, by Chuck Pierce & Robert Heidler.

Tammuz is the 4th month of the Hebrew monthly calendar and is the month associated with the Tribe of Reuben and correlates to our Grecian calendar from mid June-July. When God ordered the tribes to camp around the Tabernacle, He established “the camp of Reuben” and camped with him were Simeon and Gad. These three are the most fierce warriors of the tribes. So the letters on the flag are in black for the warfare spirit.

This is the month of the letter CHET, which portrays light radiating from your eyes, or revelation vision. This is a month to establish the brilliance of our righteousness through worship. Worship breaks idolatry as it will guard the heart and vision. The way to overcome the enemy of distraction this month is through worship.

Reuben was the first born and his divine destiny was to receive that blessing and lead his family and brothers into true worship of Yahweh, but he lost that inheritance through sin. This is a month to accept our call and speak forth our destiny and confess the best the Lord has for you.

Tammuz is linked with the constellation cancer, the crab. It is to remind us to break free of our shell, become vulnerable and grow into our next level. Declare that every thing hindering you will be broken off.

The stone of Reuben is the Carnelian, which is red. Red is symbolic of the blood, of passion, which is attached to covenant promises and representative of power and strength.