MALAWI Prophetic Flag

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A landlocked nation in southeast Africa bordering Zambia, that gained its freedom from Britain in 1964 and changed its name from Nyasaland to Malawi. Malawi means flames of fire, for their beautiful sunrises/sunsets. The countries nickname is “ The Warm Heart of Africa” because of the warm hospitable people.

It is one of the littlest nations of Africa and one of the least developed. The economy is heavily agricultural with a largely rural population. They depend on outside aid for most of their development needs. They have a low life expectancy and high infant mortality. Abortion is illegal.

One of the highest HIV/Aids in the world(estimated @ 10%). It is proposed that it is so high because the government ignored trying to treat or educate its people when it first erupted & became epidemic. Even today education is low, high unprotected sexual activity especially among the men & teens. Extramarital sex is high with most cases between heterosexual partners, the men believe it is inevitable for them to have HIV and hate condoms, so they have unprotected sex. There is over half million orphans from parents dying from Aids.

Anthem: O God, Bless our land of Malawi

Religion- Christianity 70% majority Roman Catholic or Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (, Islam 26%


Seeing a heart with low flames, in need of a fresh breath of purity passion for God. They are locked into religion, tradition of the elders and it is bringing death in many forms. I wish you were either hot or cold.