OMAN Prophetic Flag

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Oman is a little country (the size of Kansas) in the Middle east on the Saudi Arabian peninsula, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf in the Oman Gulf. Being at the gate of the Gulfs, it has much tanker traffic and pollution from them has endangered most of their wildlife, polluted their soil and they have limited drinking water.

It is an “absolute monarchy with a Sultan ruler and the current one has ruled since 1970 and is a lenient leader. Keeping good relations with the USA and Israel, Egypt,
Its official religion is Islam (85%) and most non muslims are foreign workers, but the type of Islam practiced is one of the most tolerant towards other religions as long as they don’t evangelize..

It has modest oil but is set apart form most other Arab nations in that a significant portion of its economy comes from tourism, fish and agriculture trade.

It is a strategically placed nation , a gateway nation to the Middle East and its oil.

KEY to the Middle east