Shevat Prophetic Worship Flag

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Shevat is the 11th month of the Hebrew monthly calendar that correlates to our Roman calendar from mid Jan-Feb. Shevat is a time to shout “my blessings are on they way!”. Shevat is known as the beginning of spring and new growth and the month that the Almond tree blooms, the first tree to awaken-- a symbol that provision will come this year. The Almond branch also holds prophetic symbolism for being chosen, the cross of Christ and the Holy of Holies.

Shevat is traditionally known as the Rosh Hashanah or the New year for trees as it is the month the first fruit from four year old trees are offered. It is a month of celebrating and eating of seven foods mentioned in the Torah as being abundant in Israel. Wheat, barley,olives, dates(honey), figs, pomegranates and grapes. It is also a month when many trees are planted for the next generation, Cedar tree for boys and Pine trees for girls. This is a month to develop a strategy to sustain the next generation.

It is the month associated with the Tribe of Asher. Asher means “pleasure, happiness, fatness, delicious” . When God ordered the tribes to camp around the Tabernacle, He established “the camp of Dan” on the north and camped with him were Asher and Naphtali. Asher inherited one of the most fertile areas in the promised land and produced enough food to richly feed their tribe and export much of their crops. It was in the land of Asher that Jesus turned the pots of water into wine and declared Himself as the Bread of Life.

The constellation of Aquarius, the water carrier is associated with Shevat, so this is a time to let your roots awaken to the water of life and a need to be aware of who is bringing spiritual water to you. It may be a time to find a new source.

The Hebrew Letter associated with Shevat is TSADI, symbolizing the righteous one. This is the month when your righteousness must become your foundation.

The stone for Shevat is the Peridot, a green yellow quartz.

The imagery on the flag: At the top left corner is a water pot pouring out to connect to the constellation of Aquarius, to remind us to examine our earthly spiritual sources and also to be one that pours out upon others. In the center of the flag is a composite of the seven foods celebrated that bring fatness and happiness to us, plus an almond branch to remind we are chosen and that its a new day, and a cedar & pine tree branch for the next generation. The background of the flag is reflective of the peridot stone