Lesotho Prophetic Flag

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An landlocked enclaved nation in southern Africa surrounded by South Africa. Its name means “people who speak -Sotho”

It is a poor nation with much of the population depending heavily on South Africa for employment. Yet, it has a booming electrical water power plant fueling much of Africa, a diamond trade bringing in millions, and high trade with the USA in clothing manufacturing (Foot Locker, Gap, Gloria Vanderbuilt, JCPenny, Levi Strauss. Saks, Sears, Timberland, Walmart) - most of the workers are women, yet the average income for more than half the population is around $100 a month.
They have low life expectancy- only 42-52 years, high HIV (about 25% of the population and in urban areas over 50% of the women under 40 have HIV. It is thought much of this is related to poor womens rights, rape & spousal abuse is rampant. Even with laws for equal rights, Lesotho has a low ranking. Because of the poverty and patriarchal mindsets women often become prostitutes, and also they can make more as a prostitute than at a factory. Child labor is high
It is a vicious cycle of poverty and disease running rampant

Motto- Peace, Rain, Prosperity
Religion- Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 45%,

Just overwhelming to think of the women’s abuse-- from the men, the state, the world as they work in the sweat shops to make clothing. I just “see” them, broke down, beaten on every area. No recourse. No hope. Death and poverty on every side. Yet, yet. 90% Christian.
Seeing woman weighed down with chains reading different abuses, the world on one