MAURITANIA Prophetic Flag

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A nation in North West Africa bordering the Atlantic and Western Sahara, . About 90% of it is in the Sahara desert, so its population of 3.5 million is concentrated in the south on the Atlantic coast. its official name is The Islamic Republic of Mauritania, their flag has the Islam symbols. 99% Islam.

It is a nation of extreme poverty, human rights abuses, Female Gentile Mutilation, child labor, human trafficking , slavery-- especially those who rebel against the government. Riots, rebel groups, racial tensions and internal conflict have been going on for years or decades. . Even though slavery has been outlawed, it is estimated more than 1/2 million are still slaves.

Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death. It is one of thirteen nations that Atheism is punishable by death or imprisonment (Afghanistan, Mauritania, Iran, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Sudan) forbidden- Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Jordan, Malaysia)


Jesus came to set the captives free.
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