SAO TOME & PRINCIPE Prophetic Flag

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Is an island nation off the western coast of Central Africa in the Gulf of Guinea. It consists of two main islands and two archipelagos formed from volcanoes. Sao Tome is for Saint Thomas and Principe was after the Prince of Portugal. They are lush tropical islands, much like in the Caribbean. It was settled by Portuguese and was a vital trade center for the slave trade and sugar.

Today cocoa is its main export, in the early 1900s they were the main exporter in the world for chocolate and had the name “the Chocolate islands” but because of political unrest & freedom to slaves, many of the plantations closed. But it is reviving. Cocoa grows in equatorial regions and over 70% of it comes from west Africa nations.

They import most of their food which puts them at risk.

Religion- Roman Catholic 72%, other Christian 10%


Thomas means twin, double, increase.
This nation has influenced the world with chocolate , a forerunner nation. May the same cravings for Jesus spread. Sweet taste upon the spirits.

“Double for your troubles.”

Cocoa tree out of Cross