Nissan Prophetic Worship Flag

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Nissan is the 1th month of the Hebrew monthly calendar, but the 7th month on its civil calendar and correlates to our Roman calendar from mid March-April. Nissan is the month of Passover , a month of redemption and time to flourish in the new spring season. Nissan is a month for apostolic leadership to war with praise and claim your covenant promises. Loose radical shout of praise that will break you into new dimensions of victory and wholeness and open the door for miracles and healing. Because praise is speech, Nissan is a time to align your words correctly and rid yourself of negative confessions.

Nissan is associated with the Tribe of Judah. Judah was David’s tribe, the tribe that held Jerusalem and the tribe of Messiah-Jesus who is called the “Lion of Judah”. Judah means “Praise, give thanks or glorify the Lord “ and is where the name “Jew” comes from. In the wilderness God had the tribe of Judah to lead in their journeys and in their wars. When God ordered the tribes to camp around the Tabernacle, He established “the camp of Judah” on the east side where the door of the tabernacle faced and camped with him were Issachar and Zebulun. God wants His people to march, war, rest and worship Him with Praise. Judah was the first tribe to claim their territory in the Promised land and then God established His temple through David and Solomon in Jerusalem that is in the heart of Judah. So, when the tribes wanted to meet with God, they had to come through “praise”.

The Hebrew Letter associated with Nissan is HEI, which portrays an open door which is representative of the wind of God blowing through it. HEI is a hallelujah word for a shout of violent Praise!

The constellation of Aries, the ram is associated with Nissan and is a picture of the Passover Lamb of God. To remind us of Gods great deliverance.

The stone for Nissan is the garnet, dark red for the Blood of atonement.

The imagery on the flag is of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roaring in Praise and claiming His territory. He is in an triumphant position and majestic in His victory. The Lion of Judah was found worthy to open the sealed book in revelations because He had prevailed and was transformed into the Lamb that was slain to receive Power, and riches, and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessings. In the upper right corner is a lamb for the constellation of Aries but more to remember THE Lamb and He stands attentive to the sound of Praise from below. The background colors are the red garnet for the blood of the Lamb that redeems.