KISLEV Prophetic Worship Flag

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Kislev is the ninth month on the Hebrew civil calendar and corresponds to Nov-Dec on the Grecian calendar.. Nine is the number for fruitfulness, completion, fullness of blessings and Holy Spirit (9 gifts and 9 fruits). Kislev is the month that comes after the flood and so is associated with the covenant rainbow of God, an entering into a place of rest and peace.

The tribe of Benjamin is connected to Kislev. Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob and only one that was born in Israel. During the exodus the camp of Ephraim included the tribes of Ephraim, Manassa and Benjamin. The tribe of Benjamin had the most prolific and best archers of Israel. Kislev is associated with the constellation of Sagittarius, the archer. So it is a month to develop warfare strategies and fight against empires and cultures. This is a month to shoot straight and move quickly.

Hanukkah is the only Jewish holiday that connects two months, it begins in Kislev and ends is Tevet. So, in effect enlarging the month of Kislev. The message of Hanukkah is in the midst of destruction, mercy is there to give hope and a future. The menorah is symbolic of the light and oil never running out. Hanukkah is a time of great rejoicing in Gods revelations, deliverance and provision.

The Hebrew letter for Kislev is the “Samekh” which looks like a circle: symbolizing completeness, covenant, trust, support and promise.

The stone associated with Kislev is the Rainbow Jasper and is portrayed in the background on this flag with many circles incorporated into this visual of Gods Covenant promises.

Kislev is a month to rest in peace, war offensively and rejoice in Gods care.

The imagery on the flag is of a dove with arrows in his claw; symbolic of Holy Spirit power & peace within even in war. Descending with nine points of fire beneath Him; reminiscent of the Menorah but also the Baptism of Holy Spirit releasing all His gifts so we can overcome. The dove was also sent out by Noah to determine when it was time for them to leave the Ark; it is symbolic of peace & rest. In the upper corner is an Archers bow & arrow to represent Benjamin and the constellation for the warrior.

The dove is carrying three arrows in his grip (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that we may win in spiritual war.