YEMEN Prophetic Flag

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Modern day Yemen is believed to have been part of Sinai in the biblical times and known as Teiman, or the home of the Sabaeans-- descendents of Noahs son Ham or Queen of Sheba. It name meant Happy or Prosperous. It became an Islamic nation in 630AD.

It is the “choke point” on the Arab peninsula along with Djbouti on the other side from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. Whoever controls Yemen controls the oil flow and the riches of the Arab nations yet is one of the poorest arab counties. Yemen has been in political crises since 2011 and under rebel control since Feb 2015

Their motto is “ Allah, Country, Revolution, Unity” The flag is three horizontal stripes of Red(blood of martyrs), white( bright future), black (dark past)with the an Egyptian eagle in the upper left corner clutching a banner with their name with a shield having water & coffee plant.


The Queen of Sheba sought out Israel and was blessed abundantly and blessed Israel. He who blesses Israel, Blesses Jehovah.

Since the Yemen flag portrays martyrs blood and Allah, I wanted to counterpetition that with the Blood and name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus erases every stain of sin of the past, present and future. He is the strong tower He enables us to mount up with eagles wings, He is the living water, the joy bringer, the true prosperity, our shield, out banner and our hope. Only the Blood of Jesus can bring hope, healing, and true authority.

Saw a whirling background with primary red, with a fluid crown to represent King Jesus. Saw it circling and spattering out as water or oil from a choked place into joyful freedom. Upon completion of the design I was surprised at the changes Holy Spirit had made. It is a joyful flag for women, calling women of Yemen into a place of honor and joy with the pinks and purples and pokadots. The swirling looks like fancy slippers or a snail. Upon research I discovered that and island of Yemen has one of a kind fauna & flora that has yet to be researched. Perhaps the Socorata snail is a link to healing blood issues or prosperity for women?

Revelation 7:14