ZIMBABWE Prophetic Flag

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Name means large houses of stone/ venerated house a name given by black nationalist leaders that “stuck”
Flag has 5 colors(green, yellow, black, red, gold), 7 stripes, 2 green, 2 yellos, 2 red, 1 black), star and stone gold eagle bird (messenger from God) over a red star
Motto- Unity, Freedom, Work Song- Blessed be the land of Zimbabwe
Shares the Victoria Falls with Zambia.
Capital name is HARARE
Independence Festival doves released for peace, flame of independence is lit by pres.,

60-70% western Christianity, lots of Pentecostal-- so as much as 85% but still practicing much indigenous shamanism/

Heard Great is my Joy over you before any research.
When I read the capitals name I saw God laughing “ Har har har”

The wise man builds his house on a stone foundation

Since they use an Egyptian stylized stone eagle I wanted to counterpetition that with the Holy Spirit Dove. So He appears to be embedded in stone of deep gold or orange the colors for Glory and warfare.

Deuteronomy 30:9