NIGERIA Prophetic Flag

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A nation in west Africa on the gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean, it borders Benin. It got its name from the Niger river running through it. Often referred to as the “Giant of Africa” because of its large population and economy. It is the most populous nation of Africa and the seventh most populous in the world. It has a diverse economy; the USA is its largest foreign supporter and trade between them is strong on both ends.

Its human rights record is poor: human trafficking, child labor & abuses, vigilante killings. Sharia law is practiced for Musliims. Female genital mutilation is practiced. Forced child marriage is common with nearly 40% of girls under 15.  Polygamy is practiced. Homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment & same sex marriage by death and all who help to facilitate it are punished.

In one area, children are often branded as witches and abandoned on the streets, most often happening in Christian regions because of mixture of indigenous beliefs. The preachers make money from exorcisms for the parents and communities. The children are accused because of bad luck in the family, superstitions, economic reasons.

Religion- It is roughly divided in half between Christians ( 75% Protestant, 25% Roman Catholic) in the southern part and Islam in the northern. A minority practice indigenous beliefs. Strife between beliefs is rampant. This is the nation where the 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped in 2014.


Bless My Children. Woe to those who despitefully abuse them and accuse them for gain.
Saw a Baby being cradled