BOTSWANA Prophetic Flag

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Botswana is a landlocked nation located in southern Africa. It is one of the most sparsely populated nations of the world but its people have a high standard of living and education.

It has been one of the hardest hit nations for Aides/HIV and stands at 3rd in the world. Potential reasons are concurrent /polygamy sexual partners, transactional sex(prostitution), cross- generational sex(usually older males with immature females) , and many children are born with aides from their mother.

Motto is ‘Rain”-- symbol for good luck, flag is light blue divided by a black bar bordered with white. 70% of the land is the Kalahari desert.

Protestant- 67%, Catholic 7%, None 20%

How can this be Lord in a nation that is 75% Christian?

Reign of Purification needed.
Covenant breakers, adultery pollutes the land and people.

Broken rings? Rainbow? Scroll & pen?