Fill Me Up Lord Prophetic Flag

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I  was in a dry season, going through all the moves, but not experiencing the refreshing presence or fullness of the Holy Spirit. I was mature enough to recognize I was under attack by the enemy to weary me and attempting to get me to quit. I wasn’t going to quit, even if I never felt the Presence of the Lord again.

In this season of brokenness the Lord was still using me to touch others with His fullness and joy, which in a way made it all the harder to bear this dryness! I was at a conference and it was the break before the last session and I was resting as I listened to the piped in music, sighing within my spirit that breakthrough had not come yet. And this song came on sung by ‘Jesus Culture’ that caused tears to come and I sat there and wept before the Lord as I worshiped and cried out “ Fill me up Lord, Ah God, if you will provide the Fire, I’ll be your sacrifice, oh Lord, send Your fire!”

I went home and replayed this song for days and wept and cried out until joy, expectancy and refreshing came in the still ways of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is all those seeking fullness of the Holy Spirit will experience it without delay as they worship with this flag. I do believe that since I “broke through” I created an open door for those following.

I believe this flag carries and anointing to usher in Holy Spirits refreshing Glory Presence in all His fullness.

You can hear this song on YouTube:
Tasha Cobb @ or
Jesus Culture@


The image is of a dove, symbolic of Holy Spirit and He is coming in the Glory Fire, bringing in the Presence and acceptance of God. And we can hear the same voice as Jesus did, “this is my beloved in whom I am well pleased”.

Dripping from his wings are nine flames to symbolize the nine gifts of Holy Spirit that is falling upon the seeker, the worshiper, those that have surrendered to His will and way.

The background is green to symbolize renewal, revival, salvation, healing, prosperity.