EGYPT Prophetic Flag

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Egypt is one of the cradles of civilization as the son of Noah, Ham, is thought to have settled all the African continent, with Egypt the first nation. Egypt is known as an ancient civilization and one of the first to have a written language.

Egypt is mentioned in the Bible nearly 700 times and holds a significant place in bible history and prophesy. As I studied on Egypt and its prophetic call from God I was drawn to how many times Egypt was a sanctuary for Israel. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Joseph’s entire family fled to Egypt at various times. But Egypt was also a place of great bondage for God’s people, and the Lord triumphed over its gods to deliver His people.

In the new testament, Joseph the husband of Mary, was told by an angel to flee to Egypt for safety to preserve the life of Jesus and we are told in Mathew 2:15 that this was to fulfill the prophetic Word of Hosea 11:1
- When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.

Despite Egypt being an Arab nation that is predominantly Muslim, and its future role in Prophesy to be a destructive nation; I felt its true destiny was to have been a shelter for Israel and Christians. And that is what this flag is crying for in the Spirit.


The central image is of an Hieroglyphic eagle that is part of the Egyptian flag coat of arms, except its left wing is spread out, left is symbolic of things of the Spirit. This Spiritual wing is sheltering the Star of David that represents Israel and coming out from under the wing is a cross to represent Christ and Christianity. The background is of evergreen tree colors. The evergreen is representative of Jesus, revival, healing and new life. Evergreens have deep roots to tap into underground water sources.