Elul Prophetic Worship Flag

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Elul is the 6th month of the Hebrew monthly calendar and is the month associated with the Tribe of Gad and correlates to our Grecian calendar from mid August-Sept. Elul is a month of spiritual preparation for the fall feasts: Feast of Trumpets, Days of Awe and Feast of Tabernacles. Elul is a month to draw near to God even as we work in our “fields”. Elul means “the King is in the field--assessable to all” and forms an acrostic in Song of Solomon 6:3- “I am my beloved”s and He is mine!” Transliterated it reads “ Ani L’Dodi, V’Dodi Li”. Its a time to hear God calling us to come closer and to prepare room in our heart for Him to dwell with us.

The Hebrew Letter associated with Elul is YUD, which portrays humility and means “appointed mercy of God.”

Elul is associated with the tribe of Gad. Gad means “good fortune” , so this is a month to expect rewards, especially rewards that have been delayed. Gad was the seventh son of Jacob. The Tribe of Gad was known for their faithfulness to war with their brethren to gain their promised lands. They were known as men skillful in battle. When God ordered the tribes to camp around the Tabernacle, He established “the camp of Reuben” and camped with him were Simeon and Gad. These three are the most fierce warriors of all the tribes. So the letters on the flag are in black for the warfare spirit.

The constellation of Virgo is associated with Elul and is a picture of the call to intimacy with the king and also a vision of mercy and nurturing.

The stone for Elul is the grey Jasper intermixed with purple-- a color for repentance, peace, wisdom and royalty.

The imagery on the flag is of the Kings tent filled with golden glory as our King Jesus welcomes all to come in from the fields- whether from our labors or as a new salvation harvest.